Time for a change of scenery; Hola Madrid!

In a competitive world, it can be hard to distinguish oneself, and a short trip to the incredible city of Madrid last week has inspired to me to channel my writing in a more focussed direction.

As a curious individual, I am fascinated by artistic minds working in fashion, art and design, and I am intrigued by the motivation behind creative work. Although fashion is my main interest, I am also inspired by architecture, art, music, photography, literature and design and it's meaning in society. I love traveling, meeting interesting people, exploring different cultures and discovering new places. I've therefore concluded that the incentive of this blog is to celebrate the diverse individuality, personality, beauty and style which stands out in the eclectic world around me.

So now, a brief summary of the places that have left a lasting impression on me from the very stylish city of Madrid. Embodying quaint Spanish culture, art and tradition, it is a captivating city of splendor and history. The architecture is breathtaking, and a bus tour was a great way to see the cities architectural highlights, including Cathedral Almudena, and Plaza de Cibeles. 

   Cathedral Almudena

The Cathedral Almudena is a relatively contemporary building of little historical significance, yet it is a stands as a symbol of modern beauty in Madrid. Started in 1883, construction took over 100 years to complete. It is a magnificent structure, designed using a mixture of architectural styles it combines a neoclassical exterior, a gothic revival interior, and a neo-romanesque crypt. 

Plaza de Cibeles

Some of the most impressive architecture in Madrid is at the Plaza de Cibeles. My amateur photo of the official city hall taken from the tour bus does not do the emblematic building justice, and seeing it in person is the only way to comprehend the sheer grandeur with which this iconic Cathedral-like palace has been designed and built.

Parque de Retiro

Just outside the city centre, created as a royal park, one of the most peaceful places in Madrid is the Parque de Retiro. Translated as 'Park of Retreat', the stunning park features a beautiful lake and some impressive monuments, and it is an ideal place to take shade amongst the trees and relax for an hour. Or two. (Or more!)

Parque de Retiro

With an average daily temperature of 40 degrees it's no wonder the Spanish locals take life at a slower pace. There is a nonchalant, yet friendly atmosphere in the cultural area of Malasana, famous for it's alternative music scene and it's variety of restaurants and bars. Whilst staying in this area I found myself constantly gazing up at the picturesque apartments and charming balconies overlooking the narrow cobbled streets;  daydreaming about how idyllic it must be to actually live there...


One of my favourite places in Madrid is Plazo Mayor, a grand arcaded square at the heart of Madrid. Historically the square been at the centre of festivities such as bull fights, royal coronations and executions, however now it is a hub of restaurants and shops, popular with tourists and locals alike. A perfect place to absorb the ambience of the city by day and night, I could spend many a happy hour here, watching the world go by. 

Plazo Mayor

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