Staying Close to Home

No matter where you are in the world, inspiration is never far away.  On my doorstep, the rural North Yorkshire Dales is a perfect place to reflect, to marvel and to unwind. 

I am fortunate to have lived and grown up in Nidderdale, an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) renowned for it's spectacular scenery. Remote yet reclaimed, the breathtaking natural surroundings never cease to humble and inspire. One thing I always notice more when I am at home in the countryside is the imposing scale of the sky; it's expanse more vast, it's colour more intense, it's impact more dramatic.    

Returning home for some time over summer, the following snapshots portray the impressive countryside where I live. Not surprisingly the area has featured in numerous films, and what a stunning setting for a photo shoot!

Set 1375 ft above sea level, I recently visited The Coldstones Cut, an intriguing piece of public art designed and created by artist Andrew Sabin as a sculptural response to the Coldstones Quarry. Juxtaposing the curious conventions of a contemporary streetscape with the authentic solemnity of ancient stone constructions, The Cut is ambiguous and multi-dimensional. 

As a vantage point, it enables visitors to view the working quarry and appreciate the magnificent views of the surrounding area, however fundamentally it acts as an interpretive medium for the surrounding landscape, its industrial heritage and its relationship with the quarry. 

Amidst winding paths and exposed vistas, one of the features of The Cut is a 360 degree geographical dial which shows the direction and distance of major cities and landmarks around the world. New York, a favourite city of mine, is exactly 5388.2 km away. Yet as much as I am captivated by the bright lights, eclectic cultures and imposing architecture of the city that never sleeps, closer to home there is also much to be inspired by.  

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