LN-CC London

Visiting London at the beginning of this week, I was keen to explore the diversity of the fashion retail environment. Having written a short piece about the LN-CC concept store whilst working for a magazine over summer, I was intrigued to visit the store in Dalston for myself, to browse the distinguished designer menswear and womenswear collections and peruse the extensive library of books and music.     

It is increasingly important to connect consumers with engaging in-store services and environments, and LN-CC offers a fascinating retail experience. On arrival, the exterior of the building is very unassuming; a plain white door at the end of a small alleyway. Mysterious. Once through the door, the dark stairs down to the store roused anticipation and suspense. Where am I going?! It's the unknown that makes it all the more intriguing.

Image www.ln-cc.com

Once in the store, however, the atmosphere is inviting. Greeted by a friendly assistant there is nothing pretentious about an appointment-only visit. With three rooms of clothing and one room of books and music, the store encompasses an eclectic selection of brands carefully selected from all areas of the product world, and the staff are more than happy to allow visitors to wander around the store in their own time. There is a lot to take in.

Image www.ln-cc.com

Image www.ln-cc.com

My favourite brands included Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Haider Ackermann, Jill Sander, MMM and Yang Li. Housed within an art based installation, the visual merchandising throughout the store is particularly interesting, with each room encapsulating a different mood and evoking different feelings with each space and collection.

Image www.ln-cc.com

LN-CC is a forward thinking retail concept combining the traditional roots of bricks and mortar retailing with a progressive online store. As a non-compromising, unprejudiced and non-exclusive project, the platform prides itself on attention to detail and an evolving point of view. The quality products speak for themselves, and for anyone looking for a unique yet welcoming retail experience, a visit to the store is highly recommended. You'll even get a friendship bracelet if you make a purchase. A nice touch I thought!

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TO BE OR NOT TO BE ON FIFTH. Menswear Editorial from Acne Paper #14

'Manhatten- that mythical metropolis, that slim island with the magnificent skyline that rises from the water like a machinery of concrete and steel, glass and glittering lights.'
Thomas Persson/Editor-in-chief and creative director of Acne Paper

There are few other publications I await to purchase so eagerly as the bi-annual Acne Paper magazine. Acne Paper is unique in that each issue offers an in-depth exploration of one key theme from various, often unexpected perspectives. Merging the past and the present, the insightful, though-provoking editorial content exudes a timeless quality; nostalgic yet refreshingly modern.

Issue 14 is a portrait of Manhatten, featuring an eclectic selection of the inspiring people, creative work and diverse cultures which make the city one of the most fascinating, sophisticated places in the world. Having visited Manhatten at the beginning of this year, the issue's dedication to Manhatten is of personal significance to me; my experience of New York gave me a glimpse of the future; of possibilities and opportunities, of inspiration and of success.

New York has been the focus of much news this week due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy; rarely is the powerful city so vulnerable, and my thoughts are with the residents that have been affected by the destruction.

I have chosen to share an exquisite menswear editorial from Acne Paper #14, styled by Mattias Karlsson and photographed by David Armstrong. Named 'TO BE OR NOT TO BE ON FIFTH' the beautiful editorial features model Mathias Lauridsen and captures the essence of a privilaged New York gentleman, exploring the mystery.of the famous Fifth Avenue. Striking, nonchalant and elegant, I am captivated by the story.

All images credited as below:
Editorial- TO BE OR NOT TO BE ON FIFTH, Acne Paper #14
Photographer- David Armstrong
Styling- Mattias karlsson
Model- Mathias Lauridsen