Watch for me by Moonlight

There is something very powerful about black and white. It is chic, contemporary and classic. 

Black and white monochrome is a bold statement associated with timeless style rather than seasonal trends, and it continues to grace runways and the high street at the height of elegance and sophistication.

As a key look seen at Paris fashion week for A/W 2012, monochrome was mastered in various ways. My favourites; Lanvin and Chloe paired black skirts with white tops to create a classy, feminine look and Celine and Stella McCartney worked an element of purity and simplicity in their minimal designs. 

Lanvin A/W 12

Chloe A/W 12

Celine A/W 12

Stella McCartney A/W 12

Inspired by the black and white monochrome trend for A/W 2012, I came up with a concept for an editorial shoot and created a mood board for the ELLE Intern Competition to edit the October issue. The month of October is renowned for it's full moon and darker evenings as the clocks go back. My concept 'Watch for me by Moonlight' explores the allure and mystery of monochrome, focussing on the contrast between black and white, dark and light and shadows and moonlight. 

Willy Vandeperre's stunning black and white photography would capture the essence of the shoot:

Willy Vandeperre, Kate Moss for Vogue

Willy Vandeperre for Elie Saab

Model Ginta Lapina has an ideal look as a model for the shoot; outer-worldly, pale, glowing skin with light blonde hair and striking eyes:

A city at night would provide perfect locations to capture the mystery of the moon. London near the Thames, in Hyde park or in dark streets are possibilities. A Moonlight effect could be created by using a faint glow rather than harsh, direct light.

'Le style insouciant on the streets of Paris'

Nonchalant, elegant and painfully chic. Photographer Alexander Neumann captures the essence of effortless Parisian style in this editorial for TANK magazine's summer issue. Note the mixture of masculine tailoring, sensual evening wear and casual prints with a touch of glamour.

Playful and provocative yet utterly refined. I like it.

Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Styling: Vanessa Bellugeon
Models: Hannah Wahmer and Sebastien Andrieu

Random Magic

I love discovering intriguing things that encourage me to think about the everyday in a different way or from a different perspective. 

Immersed in the Summer 2012 issue of TANK magazine, I came across a fascinating, ongoing photography project by Canadian artist Jon Rafman. Rafman scans every corner of the globe for inspirational, everyday occurrences, capturing fleeting, coincidental moments from around the world which he then curates. As curious viewers we are then invited to interpret the various situations. 

What is particularly remarkable about Rafman's work is that the images he edits are taken by Google Street View 's automobile cameras; an entirely neutral, automated perspective with no agenda from an actual cameraman. Rafman takes the raw material he finds particularly interesting and edits using techniques such as referencing older photographic styles, altering colour and composition or adding the digital aberration of a camera 'shake'.

The images explore a series of open-ended social codes and each photo portrays a unique perception of the world; some humorous, some poignant, some sinister, yet all images are incredibly thought-provoking. 

Google's premise is that Street View images make the world universally accessible, and Rafman's work brings us both the weird and wonderful of daily life as it unfolds before our very eyes. I have included a small selection of images from the project, but there are so many more to see! Go to


The Little Black Jacket

Iconic symbols of elegance can be hard to define, however Chanel's Little Black Jacket is one of those rare, classic pieces that has stood the test of time and remains synonymous effortless with style and sophistication. 

As a celebration of Chanel's LBJ, Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld have collaborated on an artistic project which culminates in a book of 100 powerful photographs portraying 120 ways the jacket can be worn and interpreted by different people. A credit to Lagerfeld's skill as a photographer, the project captures beautiful, intimate portraits of an eclectic mix of his own and Roitfeld's friends; each one of them wearing the jacket in their own unique style, challenging it's role as a one-dimensional item of clothing.

Natalia Vodianova
What is particularly fascinating about the concept of the book is how it reinvents the jacket many times. The diverse array of images reflect a montage of individuality, yet all the photographs collectively exude the timeless essence of elegance embodied by Chanel. The project reminds us that nonchalance and elegance are innate qualities which cannot be discerned by age, race or gender, and Lagerfeld loves the fact that the little black jacket originated as a mens jacket, before becoming a typically feminine piece.  

An exhibition of the project launches in New York today and the book 'The Little Black Jacket' is officially released on August 15th 2012. The following selection of images illustrate just how multi-faceted this iconic little jacket can be:

Joan Smalls
Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld
Georgia May Jagger
Waris Ahluwalia
Freja Beha Erichsen 

A Commercial Shade of Purple

As 'a portrait of those who embody their times', French fashion, art and culture magazine Purple is embodying the spirit of the day and keeping up to speed with the rapidly increasing force of E-commerce. Yesterday Purple launched a redesigned and re-commercialised website, where visitors can jump straight from editorial page to point of purchase with a single click.

At visitors can now shop a refined selection of designer fashion, accessories, books, jewellery and beauty products from desirable brands such as Acne, Yves Saint Laurent, Marni, Isabel Marant, Charlotte Olympia and Lanvin. 

I have a few things on my wish list: 

Christopher Kane pleated skirt
Mulberry sweater
Valentino A-line dress
Irreverent, Carine Roitfeld
In addition to shopping at the boutique, visitors to the new website can view the best picks of art exhibitions in different cities around the world, browse current and previous issues of the magazine and explore everything from fashion shows, travel features and architecture, to interviews, television programs and nightlife. 

Dana Schutz at Friedrich Pretzel, New York
Midnight sun in Stangvik, Norway

Site director Paula Goldstein said about the recent upgrade; “The summer is a really frenetic time for the magazine, and we decided to take the creative energy that comes with putting together a new issue and use it as an impetus to launch the site.” Designed by Merimedia and constructed by Neverbland, I think this novelty is going to catch on.