The Little Black Jacket

Iconic symbols of elegance can be hard to define, however Chanel's Little Black Jacket is one of those rare, classic pieces that has stood the test of time and remains synonymous effortless with style and sophistication. 

As a celebration of Chanel's LBJ, Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld have collaborated on an artistic project which culminates in a book of 100 powerful photographs portraying 120 ways the jacket can be worn and interpreted by different people. A credit to Lagerfeld's skill as a photographer, the project captures beautiful, intimate portraits of an eclectic mix of his own and Roitfeld's friends; each one of them wearing the jacket in their own unique style, challenging it's role as a one-dimensional item of clothing.

Natalia Vodianova
What is particularly fascinating about the concept of the book is how it reinvents the jacket many times. The diverse array of images reflect a montage of individuality, yet all the photographs collectively exude the timeless essence of elegance embodied by Chanel. The project reminds us that nonchalance and elegance are innate qualities which cannot be discerned by age, race or gender, and Lagerfeld loves the fact that the little black jacket originated as a mens jacket, before becoming a typically feminine piece.  

An exhibition of the project launches in New York today and the book 'The Little Black Jacket' is officially released on August 15th 2012. The following selection of images illustrate just how multi-faceted this iconic little jacket can be:

Joan Smalls
Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld
Georgia May Jagger
Waris Ahluwalia
Freja Beha Erichsen 

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