This week I have been doing lots of writing, and I can finally share some of the content here on my personal blog. 

When Sophie Benson, the talented stylist and fashion director of independent visual arts and fashion magazine FAKE, asked if I would like to write a guest blog for the magazine, I decided to write about a designer I was lucky enough to meet briefly at the party organised by HMAGAZINE and Swatch watches in Madrid a few weeks ago.  ‘Davidelfin’. Perhaps a name not so familiar in UK fashion, but in Spanish fashion, (and on the discerning, international fashion stage) well, who hasn’t heard of Davidelfin? I knew little about Davidelfin at the time, but there was a conspicuous buzz of excitement created merely because the talented designer himself was there. I have since discovered why...

‘Katharsis’, Davidelfin’s colourful collection for Spring/Summer 2012, is bold, bright and I believe, brilliant. The word ‘Katharsis’, the purging of emotional tensions in psychoanalytical terms, and the cleansing of undesired elements by regular definition, is an intriguing yet fitting title for such an invigorating collection. Featuring the intensity of vivid colour against the purity of crisp white, I particularly like how experimental tailoring compliments structured silhouettes. I also love the unconventional styling accessories of bright lips, mix-matched heels and odd socks; indications that this eye-catching collection is a lot of fun to wear!

Davidelfin Katharsis Look 1
Davidelfin Katharsis Look 22
Davidelfin Katharsis Look 3
Davidelfin Katharsis Look 18

In contrast to the multihued S/S collection, Fall/Winter 2012 is monochromatic. Neutral tones and dark leopard print convey a more mature, understated quality, yet the ‘WILL’ collection still has a playful edge.  Balancing the modern and the classic, the essence of sophisticated nonchalance and minimal chic has been perfected. Needless to say, a selection of the womenswear pieces from this collection have duly been added to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe wish list. (Namely the skirt, blouse, shoes, bag and necklace in Look 8!)

Davidelfin WILL Look 2
Davidelfin WILL Look 8
Davidelfin WILL Look 12
Davidelfin WILL Look 9
It’s exciting to share the work of a designer who so skilfully translates his concerns through the creative medium of fashion. With art and emotion as key driving forces of his eclectic work, Delfin believes ‘everything for doing, everything for giving.’  A philosophy I am keen to advocate!

All images from davidelfin.com

To see more davidelfin visit http://www.davidelfin.com/

For more information on FAKE magazine visit http://thatfakemagazine.com/

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