Although sightseeing was a significant part of my recent visit to Madrid, thanks to my good friend Catherine the highlight of the trip was attending an exclusive party hosted by Spanish Fashion magazine HMagazine and Swatch watches last week on Wednesday 27th June.

Located in a chic hair salon in MalasaƱa, the party celebrated HMagazine's victory in the 'Swatch from the streets' competition, a competition involving 17  international fashion magazine's such as Dazed & Confused, ID and Nylon, all contending to host the party in their favourite street. HMagazine recorded a video with Spanish band WE ARE STANDARD, showcasing MalasaƱa as their favourite district in Madrid.

Image from hmagazine.com; Mario Vaquerizo, Pelayo, Devid Delfin 
The event was a great night all round, and it was a brilliant opportunity to network and party with the creative crowd of spanish celebrities, photographers, musicians and designers such as  Mario Vaquerizo, David Delfin, and Olfo Bose. DJs Pelayo and Johann Wald played amazing music all night, and despite infernal heat inside the venue, a free bar and live television coverage of the football (Spain vs Portugal) meant that everyone was in good spirits and the atmosphere was incredible.

Most guests at the party were sporting a stylish, new watch from the Swatch Summer 2012 collection and my friend Hannah and I were wearing the Wild Orange Chrono Plastic design, which added an extra bright burst of colour to our outfits (even my already colourful print dress!)

Although I don't speak any Spanish and knew little about HMagazine before talking to the lovely director Anke, it is certainly a publication that I will continue to follow from now on. Flicking through a copy of the magazine on my journey back from Madrid, it features some fantastic fashion editorials and explores an alternative fashion, art and music scene in Spain and beyond. Although I can't translate the written editorial content at the moment, there is plenty of visual content to enjoy for those who can't read spanish like myself. However, even after spending just a few days in Madrid, I have been inspired to learn some Spanish. I own a phrase book, so it's a start!  

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