Whilst The City Slept

The  fire alarm at 6am; not the most pleasant of wake-up calls and not an hour of the day I have seen for quite some time. However, I had almost forgotten how beautiful an early spring morning can be. Evacuating my flat and assembling in the courtyard in my dressing gown, the air was warm and the sky was bright. Instead of going back to bed I got dressed, picked up my camera and ventured into the sleepy city of Nottingham to capture anything and everything that caught my eye. My 3 favourite, serendipitous finds are shown below. N.B. I'm by no means a professional photographer, I just like to document things that inspire and interest me. 

The neutral colour palette of this image reminds me of the essence of the streets of Italy; a porcelain building, a soft, blue sky and a light shadow cast by a subtle, morning sun. Dreamy...      

The Nottingham Lace Market is a maze. I was intrigued by this doorway; it made me wonder what it conceals. The varying tones of white and grey in the desaturated image create a sense of nostalgia. I like the mystery, the ambiguity.

Texture, pattern and colour! I'm not sure of the name of this plant, but there is something about it that made me think  'textile print'. 

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